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You'll always be on schedule with this art deco era Airplane Alarm Clock,

 featuring a 14 inch wing span and moveable propellers.  Quartz movement.


               Black  Item # 202      SOLD OUT  (add $6.00 shipping)   


              Antique Brass # 203   $70.00 NOW $52.99  (add $6.00 shipping)  






                                Stay on time in the present with this Soaring Airplane

                                Alarm Clock from the past.  This nostalgic clock stands

                                6 inches tall and is finished in polished aluminum.  

                                Quartz movement. Item # 201  $70.00  NOW $52.99

                                ( add $6.00 shipping )   









 Bring back a time when round engines dominated

 the skies with this Radial Engine Alarm Clock.

 6 inches in diameter and finished in aluminum.

 Quartz movement.  Item # 200  $79.00  ( add

 $6.00 shipping )     NOW $52.99





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